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My utterly ridiculous and unattainable wish list for 2015

          In the clouds (somewhere over England)

Well hello!

The new year has begun and blogs are buzzing with lists of resolutions, goals and wishes to make it a dashing 2015. My realistic wish list would probably be very much alike most of them. Wishes for world to be a more calm and peaceful place. Health and happiness for my loved ones. Personally, try to sleep more (there’s just so much to do!). Keep fit. Eat healthier (first meal of the year was an after midnight monster sandwich involving brie, ham and bacon so yeah, ’nuff said).

But besides those, what would I wish for in an anything can happen magical world?

1. That I finally got my Hogwarts letter (About time!)

2. Grow some natural curls in my hair

3. Finding a golden ticket to visit Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory

4. Beat my boyfriend at a game of chess (it seems it just can’t be done)

5. Beat my boyfriend at a game of Carcassonne

6. Or any game really (except for Yahtzee, I am a Yahtzee queen)

7. Build or buy a tree house (I don’t have a garden or a tree)

8. Land a career as a Couponing queen

9. Being asked to judge on X Factor

10. That no characters will die in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones (I haven’t read the books (sssssssshh) so I’m both excited and mortified for the new season)

And you, what would you wish for if anything was possible?