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A sandwich that tastes like new laptop (Lunch recipe)


Looking past some of my previous blog posts I made the shocking observation that there’s a serious lack of sandwiches. Like really. My last post on this stems from more than three months ago. Yikes.

So here finally goes. A simple one. I had something like this the day I had just bought my new laptop, and because of the lack of WiFi at my old place, I went into Starbucks t0 use theirs and to install some stuff and look all cool and edgy and awesome sitting with mah new laptop in Starbucks yo. I ordered some tropical juice and this roll and since then it has become one of my absolute faves. Feeling on top of the world with my new buy probs added to that also. A bit.


Making this sandwich at home I opted for an Italian-ish seedy baguetty thing, but any bread will do. I mixed half a cut up red chilli pepper and some black pepper with 2/3 spoons of cream cheese and spread this out over the sandwich. Throw some smoked salmon on top and and add a tiny bit of lemon juice.

I really enjoy the spicyness of this.

Now you’re good to go for a whole afternoon of downloading Friends and Downton Abbey, signing up for Netflix and having a panic attacks thinking you might have broken your new laptop already. Or you know, whatever you had planned that day.

For the sake of lunch and vitamins I cut up some tiny tomatoes of various colours and mixed them with a tiny spoon of pesto genovese. Those tomatoes that look like they just went over to the Dark side are called dark plum tomatoes. I didn’t know that until I saw a punnet of these in Lidl.
What a lovely story. Thanks.


Sandwich fanatic like me? I’m a noob having fun experimenting with toppings. Keepin’ it simple. Someone who’s a real champ at sandwiches is Stephanie Smith, blogger from the amazing 300 sandwiches blog (and soon cookbook!). Her blog is definitely worth a look. Enjoy 🙂

I wish I had known this recipe when I was a student

Spaghetti No-Name

Spaghetti No-Name

First things first: This recipe is not totes my own creation. It’s supposed to be a superfamous alltime Italian classic but I only discovered it recently in a cookbook from Nadia Sawalha and adjusted it to my own taste. And with adjusted to my own taste I usually mean adding more garlic. This time is no different.

I so so so wish I had known this recipe when I was a student, it would’ve cheered up a lot of broke ass end of the months. Every student usually has their signature “I’m broke”-dish. I had a friend who survived on fishfingers and frozen spinach. Heaps of students went and probably still go for pasta-pesto, a right classic. I usually made soup with whatever vegetable was in season or “risotto” with rice, a vegetable stock cube and whatever vegetable was in season. Best time ever.

Serves 2

175 gr. spaghetti
1 or 2 garlic cloves (depending on how much of a garlic fan you are)
2 tablespoons of tomatoe purée
a few leafs fresh basil, torn up if they are big (dried basil is tasty too, but very different)
some grated parmesan or mature cheese
olive oil


Cook the spaghetti with a little splash of olive oil and some salt until ready. Y’all know the throw-the-spaghetti-against-the-wall-and-if-it-sticks-it’s-ready trick right?

Meanwhile, heat a spoon of olive oil in a frying pan. Crush the garlic in the pan and cook until soft, keep stirring (and Nadia says it’s not okay to burn it btw). Add the tomato purée while still stirring it all around.

Key-instruction for this recipe: add a couple of tablespoons from the pasta-water to your tomatoe-garlic mixture. It’ll make the sauce cling to your spaghetti. True story! Keep stirring.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and put it into the frying pan. Stir pasta, tomatoe sauce, some of the grated cheese and some basil leafs all together in the frying pan until it’s all mixed.

Serve with some basil and grated cheese on top. Some cucumber salad on the side is very nice too. But sides aren’t very studentey. Oh well.

Hasta la pasta!