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10 Ways in which Dublin has changed me

Aston Quay, Dublin

Aston Quay, Dublin

Having moved to Dublin from the Netherlands a bit over a year ago, people sometimes ask me if I have changed anything or much since. In general, I don’t think I’ve changed all that much (although I’m also not a 100% sure if I’d be the best judge of that). But there are some things I do differently now, and here’s a list of them.

1. I kiss people less often.
Okay I should probably explain that right? In the Netherlands it’s custom to kiss each other three times on the cheek (left, right, left) if you haven’t seen the other person in a while, if it’s someone’s birthday, if you’re happy to see someone, or just because you feel like it. In Ireland, I still haven’t really discovered THE way of greeting someone. I think it’s two kisses, but not always and since I was so used to three, I’ve had quite a few awkward encounters in which I was suddenly kissing the air or bumpin’ heads.
Instead, I now opt for a high-five or just spread my arms like wings ready for take-off, so people know hugs-a-comin.

2. Money talk.
Dutchies tend to be a lot more secretive about money stuff. Here, straight up questions like “What did that cost?” are a lot more common and I’ve become more open discussing money stuff too. “12 euro on sale, New Look.”

3. My parsnip intake has increased by a 100%.
It’s just not a hip and happening vegetable in the Netherlands. Good story.

4. I walk a lot, lot more.
Even when I had a bike here, I opted for walking most of the time as not all the roads are bike proof. Also, the public transport is complicated and terrible.
Walking is the way to go.

5. A sea of tea.
I drink more tea with more milk, and leave the teabag in my cup so it gets nice and strong. This has nothing to do with someone telling me that “taking your teabag out is for wimps”, btw.
Also, I bulk buy tea now. In the Netherlands there’s usually a lousy 20 teabags in a packet, over here the small packets contain 80, and regular packets of tea 160.
Favourite tea? Barry’s. Runner up? Tetley’s.

6. Face paint.
I’ve started using a lot more make-up. Women tend to wear more make-up here, especially in or for their jobs, and I started to feel shabby and bare without any, as if I had put less effort in.
Also, eyebrows are life.

7. I play the lotto now.
Had never played it until moving here. The Irish are partial to a gamble and there’s countless betting shops about. Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Boyle Sports. I’m not even sure if those type of shops are a thing in the Netherlands.
Since in Dublin prices-for-everything are rocketing through the roof (just an example: 6,50 euro for a pint, no problem), I might as well join in on the hunt for a pot of gold. Also, there’s a bit more of a buzz around the lotto here. Especially when it’s announced there’s been a big local win, there’s quite some speculation going on.

8. I eat more pureed soup.
In the Netherlands soup is usually almost see-through with big chunks of vegetable. I enjoyed the Irish pureed soup a lot more, until that time someone said they thought it resembled baby food. Oh.

9. Jaysus.
A few classic local expressions are now incorporated in my day to day vocabulary. The favourite among the dance mums in the class, “Ahh jaysus”, was first to escape my mouth. “Ahh lads gowan…” and “that’s gas” followed soon after.

10. “This will make for a good story.”
The Irish attitude towards bad luck and unexpected events made me more relaxed about certain situations. I’ve seen two of my teachers chuckle over a lost house key: “Oh dear, what are we to do now?” A group of dancers had their car break down on their way to the World Championships and all the while laughing they told me the adventures they went through to get there in the end. “It wouldn’t be a proper journey without at least one car breaking down, right?”
Been on a pub crawl with a group of friends and lost several items (a phone, a coat, money, glasses)? No problem, we’ll just do the whole pub crawl again tonight and get our belongings back.
Things that would upset or annoy a lot of people, the Irish don’t seem to be bothered about too quickly.
Why worry about things you can’t control? They are adventures and they’ll make for a good story.

My month in movies


Whaddaya know? Another blog like this. My blog on sandwiches was probably my favourite to ever write, and since I usually like to read or hear from people which movies they have seen, voila, here’s me doing exactly that. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas on what you could watch on a rainy Tuesday night or pretty much any day at any time.

“Month” in this blog stands for “the last few weeks, not totally sure, as I only decided last week I’d want to do a blog on this”.


Begin Again (2013)
Another musical film by director and writer John Carney. Since I absolutely loved his much praised and award winning movie Once (2007), I was pretty excited about my very late discovery that he had made another movie last year. The story is set in New York where singer and songwriter Gretta (Keira Knightley) meets record label holder Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo). Both are struggling in life and both find strength in joining forces: their love and talent for music. Funny detail is that this movie features actress Keira Knightley in a singing role, while it’s singer Adam Levine’s first acting job. Though a tiny bit predictable here and there, it didn’t have that much of a romcom vibe as I thought it would have. It’s pretty much a musical drama with funny bits. I find myself going back to listen to the soundtrack now and then as the songs are absolutely lovely.
I enjoyed watching this movie, though it wasn’t as strong as Once (but then again, what is?).

Horns (2014)
Pretty much my favourite movie out of this bunch, mainly because I didn’t expect any of this and it turned out to be incredibly funny and utterly bizarre. Ignatius Perrish or just “Ig” (Daniel Radcliffe) wakes up one morning after a wild night and discovers there are Horns growing from his temples. His ex-girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple) has been mysteriously murdered and he finds himself in troubled and ridiculous situations everywhere he goes. He realizes quickly that his horns bring the worst out in people and makes them reveal their darkest and ugliest secrets to him. Accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, he needs to find out the truth about her death in order to save himself.
That’s as much as I’m going to tell you guys, besides saying it’s an absolute must-see.

Never Let Me Go (2010)
Never Let Me Go is set in a dystopian world where there are certain boarding schools raising children to serve only one purpose: to serve the lives of others, making their own lives tragically limited. It follows love-triangle Kathy (Carey Mulligan), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley) in their boarding school lives and when they are young adults, discovering what they have to face and trying to escape their faith.
It’s one of these movies that leaves you sobbing and probably with a “What the hell is wong with people!”-feel. Especially the thoughts expressed by one of the characters in the plot, it really made an impact on me and left me to ponder.
Serious stuff.

Gold (2014)
I picked this movie to watch on my birthday in the iFi, the Irish Film Institute in Dublin. Even though I thought it was a very good movie that I’d want to have seen anyway, I am not sure if my birthday was the perfect day to watch it as it turned out a lil more dramatic than the trailer shows. In Gold, a father named Ray (David Wilmot) returns to his wife (Kerry Condon) and daughter (Maisie Williams) after leaving them 10 years ago. He finds they now form a stable family with P.E. teacher Frank (James Nesbitt), who is ambitious, strict and controlling, much the opposite of Ray self. Ray desperately wants to be a part in his daughters life again, but frustratingly he seems to only cause misfortune to the family.
Needless to say Maisie Williams is awesome in this.

Gone Girl 
One of those movies you really have to see when it’s in cinema. Not having read the book by Gillian Flynn, I was in for quite a few surprises. The story is set in Missouri where Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) deals with the sudden disappearance of his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike). Most powerful about this movie is that it makes you question your own world, the people who are in it and how much you really know about them. Also, I quite liked how big of a part a cat has in this movie, while not being of much importance at the same time. Awesome.

Frozen (2013)
This movie pretty much made me into a liar. Apart from hearing the Soundtrack anywhere and everywhere and catching some flashes of it on tv, I had not seen it until a few weeks ago and people were pretty intense about it. “You haven’t seen Frozen? YOU HAVEN’T SEEN FROZEN?! Why? I…But Why?!” After a few of those encounters (in which I just should have responded with “Let it go!”) I just decided to nod a bit when asked had I seen it and promised myself to watch it ASAP. Not disappointed at all and people were right when saying I must be craycray not to have watched it earlier.
Elsa (voice by Idina Menzel) possesses the power to turn everything into ice and snow but hasn’t learnt yet how to control this. When she accidentally curses her whole hometown to infinite winter she flees into the mountains and it is up to her sister Anna (voice by Kristen Bell) to save the situation, getting help from mountain man Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Snowman Oscar (Josh Gad). Loved this movie from begin to end. Great music, heartwarming scenes, I teared up once and wanted to marry two of the characters straight after they got introduced in the movie (Hans and Olaf). I wish I could share my favourite song but I just can’t choose. So there’s that.

It’s pretty beautiful how a movie called Frozen can make you feel so warm on the inside. Right?

Warm hugs anyone?

See you later!