4 things that happened in the past week #3


…Except that I’m a total liar and this is actually about like 2,5 week ’cause life’s crazy and I’m totes behind on this one and #yolo and okay I’ll just get cracking ’cause I’ve been taking so long to write this one up already.


Christmas Shopping
Christmas is almost here, but the crazy Christmas shoppers have been around in Dublin town for quite a while now. Hunting for bargains, stocking up on mince pies and causing great hullabaloo over anything Frozen or One-Direction. These mad shoppers are often lugging around big trolleys that seem to just love anything feet. But who needs their toes around Christmas anyway, eh?
I made this picture in the St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre – it looked absolutely breathtaking there. Also, I thought it’d be relevant to start my Christmas shopping there as the Irish call Boxing Day (or “Tweede Kerstdag” in Duch) St. Stephens Day.

Epic Twitter Convo
Somewhere, somehow I ended up in a 2 hour long Twitter session with two gals that I used to study with. We were purely reminiscing about the good aul days we spent in Leiden, studying Comparative Literature. Although, as also came up in the conversation, we started out studying Comparative Literature but as the department decided to change the name of the Bachelor course halfway, we ended up with diplomas saying “Film and Literary Studies”. Allrightie then. Our classes were usually quite small so we really got to know our fellow students, and the lecturers were often quite interesting slash peculiar people. A few of the most noteworthy memories were…
-A lecturer we used to call “Cowboy” because he graduated on Western Movies.
-Coming out of a class and all we really remembered was the lecturer telling us that Samuel Beckett slightly resembles a bird.
-Whenever telling people that you study literature, they usually respond with “Oh, guess you have to read a lot then?” or “What can you do with that anyway?” (and occasionally, “What do you think of Twilight?”).
-If people were mad at each other all they would ever say was “You are just like a sick beech”, because it was a line from one of the first poems we analysed and it just sounded silly
-The lecturer who asked us what we were going to cook for diner. And told us we should definitely watch UP as it’s amazing.
-Everyone repeating lines from Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” to death because it was the first novel we had to read in our first year (and we were also slightly traumatized by it).
And the list goes on. It was an interesting time.

I went to diner with my friend and her granddad in a pub and had, very  much unexpected, the best plate of tortelloni I ever had in my entire life. It had ricotta and mozzarella and mascarpone, sun dried tomatoes and olives and mushrooms and so basically pretty much everything that makes life beautiful. Exaggerating much? Nah, maybe. But it did result in me having a grand resolution for the new year.
Eat more tortelloni, obviously.

One of those sitcoms I never really got into. I watched one of the episodes last year (or was it the year before?), but it didn’t really do much for me. Mostly because it’s just not Friends, I assume. I just started watching it again and this time around I seem to appreciate it a bit more. I’m now at episode 11 and I think I’ll end up watching the whole thing in the end…Although I’m also slightly discourages by some peeps telling me not to get my hopes up as the end is supposed to be sooooo unsatisfying. Hmmmm.

That’s all, folks!

Rosita does not move but I just did

rosita Hello y’all! It’s been a wee while since the last time I was on here but life has been pretty bloody busy.

I just spent an amazing weekend watching Irish Dancing Championships in the City West Hotel – I didn’t compete myself as it was a regional championship and not from my own region, but it was pretty awesome altogether.  My age group is usually the last to get to stage in a competition so I never have enough peace to just sit, watch, enjoy and absorb everything that is going on but since my only task for the weekend was supporting fellow dancers I had enough time and calmness in me to do just that.

Yesterday morning I finally moved into my new place – a house in Coolmine (that means I’m a Coolminion now, no?). As I needed to be at the championships ASAP (and with needing I mean that strong urge to be there) my friend who has been so good to help me move and we just threw bags into the room and I got the hell out – leaving the actual settling in for later. And here I am, sat in my new place on a brown barcalounger in the living room. So far so good.

Talking to my flatmate we discovered pretty much straightaway we have very similar life stories. Meaning we both got sorted into Slytherin by Pottermore, even though we strongly felt we belonged in different houses (me in Hufflepuff, she in Ravenclaw). There’s also a shared interest in mindless reality tv and pasta, guess it’s safe to say we get on so far.

My new room is spacious and bright and I’m just thinking about where to put my stuff or if I should rearrange some of the furniture. The silly thing in this house is that there are so many light switches that I’m accidentally creating a mini disco every time I try to find the right one.
Also, ever since arriving to Ireland I have had bad luck on the Wi-Fi front.  The connection broke off pretty much every 10 minutes in the first B&B I stayed and I have just gone a year without Wi-Fi in the house, the only internet came from (expensive and limited) dongle. This time around the Wi-Fi is a dream come true, until you walk up the stairs to my floor and it’s gone. I should be able to sort it out with an extender/expander (?) so I’ll be on the hunt for that.

If anyone can remember this blog and is curious about me moving my stuff: it did fit into one car in the end, and nothing broke after all. I just seem to have lost my sun glasses but since it’s kinda winter and obviously Dublin I reckon that’s no biggie.

11 Reasons why Frozen is the absolute bees knees


So yeah I planned to write about something else but it turned out I just couldn’t think of anything but my new favourite Disney movie. I know I was very late to join the cool gang of Frozen admirers as I’ve only seen the movie for the first time last month, but now that I’ve seen it it’s just hitting me with full force – oh my god it’s so awesome.

Sometimes I just have to sing “Let it Go”, even if it’s just the one line. It’s there in my head and I need to let it out. My amazing colleagues have gotten used to this and sometimes join in – or they start singing it when it just went out of my head, great. But maybe I should dial down the Frozen in my life for just a bit.

Before doing so, this will be a last blow out – just sharing with the world (meaning you, if you read this) why this film is just epic.

(If you haven’t seen the movie yet, yes, there will be some spoilers).

1. It’s all girl power. When there’s that talk about how “an act of true love can save”, you tend to think someone will snog a prince just before the end and all will be fine. Turns out the lads are pretty much useless afterall in this movie. Sweet, but useless. Yes.

2. Just how suave is Prince Hans? And how sexy is his voice? Very.

3. The music. It’s a complete cop out, but I simply cannot skip it in this list. The songs had that catchy-ness that reminded me of the soundtracks of oldtime classics like the Lion King, the Beauty and the Beast and Hercules. Something I had missed in more recent Disneys like Tangled and Brave.

4. The fact that Olaf, despite being made of snow and thus should be super cold, just looks so cuddly and cute and warm.

5. Those very very subtle clues for the plot. Like when Hans tells he has twelve older brothers, making him the thirteenth of the bunch. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

6. Who knew there’s a Disney princess in Sarah Marshall/Veronica Mars? I adored Kristen Bell’s voice – especially in the songs.

7. The fact that Anna is so relatable. She’s clumsy, naive, has a knack for making wrong decisions, she drools and has crazy morning hair. My favourite Disney princess to date and I’m like, very picky about my Disney princesses.

8. Reindeer Sven – he almost makes me want to get a reindeer more than a pug. He doesn’t speak (besides the words Kristoff put in his mouth when thinking for him) yet he’s very expressive and added a lot of humor to the scenes. This guy deserves his own trailer filled with carrots.

9. Oaken’s accent reminded me of Phoebe Buffay’s “Ikea-voice”. But maybe that’s just me. Or maybe that’s just a regular Arendellian dialect. He made me laugh. Let’s keep it at that, ya?

10. I sobbed within the first 15 minutes of the movie and I don’t cry that much when watching movies or tv. This sobfest was almost equal to seeing my favourite house-elf pass away while I had “known” him for years and the Royal family of Arendelle just a quarter of an hour. It’s wonderful and crazy how a few animated characters can touch you like that.

11. Just like other Disneys, Frozen is full of Easter Eggs and references to other movies. I spotted a few (the dancing sea gulls just looked too familiar for me!), but there’s loads. This is a compilation of them. Enjoy!

4 things that happened in the past week #2


Soup and Trackies
Winter is coming and so I need a a bucket of soup, if not more. Soup is my best bud when it get’s chillier out and fortunately it’s very easy to make plenty of it in one go. I had so much to do this weekend (mainly finding pressies for my family) that naturally I decided to postpone everything, stay in, put on my trackies and chill out. Surely I’ll regret it later when I’m doing shopping and find myself in the middle of the crazy Christmas shoppers, but it was a beautiful weekend.  I made this broccoli soup (Simple recipe – click!) and it was just delish. I also made what I find one of the best starters on the flippin’ planet: filo pastry filled with some goats cheese, some pine nuts and a tiny bit of dried thyme. Do try, it’s savage.

Jason Segel movies
So…When you guys want to watch a movie but don’t know what you want to watch yet, how do you search for inspiration? By genre, year, director? I tend to go to IMDB and look through movies per actor or actress that I liked in a movie I saw before. Just finished with a Jennifer Aniston phase I decided to look for movies either written by  or starring Jason Segel. Forgetting Sarah Marshall has been a favourite of mine for a while and I wanted to check what else he made. The Five Year Engagement was quite fun too though very long, though I should’ve seen that coming really with a title like that. On a side note: he seems to appear naked in most of the movies he wrote himself. Swag, Jason. 

I just started learning to knit today – and my god do I find it fun and addictive. I found myself “just doing a few more stitches” and then ending up two rows further having to force myself to stop. I just started a navy blue scarf, but who knows someday I’ll finish a majestic Weasley jumper.

My Twitter account has been very quiet for a few years… Until last week. A few years ago I just sent out one Tweet, followed Evanna Lynch (fangirl, me) and a few others, but got bored after a few weeks and never looked at it again. Since last week, the lil white bird is the first icon I click whenever on an electronic device. I don’t know what exactly caused the switch but I’m having a lot of fun with it. Since actively starting to tweet last week I’ve had a discussion about gigantic Jaffa Cakes, had fun making up and posting puns, had a convo with a total stranger on the delivery time for parcels, seen the funniest and most stunning picures floating by and was kept very up to date on any news.

Want to say hello? You’ll find me under @AntwaV – or click on one of my tweets at the right of this blogpost :).

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When does stuff become shit? A blog on minimalism and a love for stuff

It’s been years since I first saw this sketch by George Carlin and I still find it as interesting as when I saw it the first time. It makes me laugh while at the same time it’s hitting one of my weak spots: stuff. I love me some stuff.

Pretty stuff, a bargain or treasure hunting at a flea market, big epic yes to that with a cherry on top. At the same time I fully realize stuff is not that important and could even lead to drag you down. We all know that feeling of coming home to a messy house because there wasn’t enough time to tidy up a bit, and how much more pleasant it is to come home to a neat place. Somewhere where you don’t tumble over a pile of books to grab something you need. I seem to sleep much better when my room is tidy, even though my eyes are closed (no shit) during the night and I’m not in consciously looking at my room. It’s just a more peaceful feel when it’s tidy.

Sitting here I know I have pretty much everything I need in life, materialistically. Bar a Volkswagen Beetle and a treehouse, but eh. I moved to Ireland with a big suitcase, a medium backpack and some hand luggage, leaving behind quite some stuff at my parents house. Mostly sentimental stuff, because there hasn’t been any moment that I can remember consciously that I was in desperate need for something I left there. Okay at times I would love to have a Harry Potter copy with me but in the darkest of times I should remember I could just run into an Easons and sort it out. From the stuff I have at the moment (leaving necessaries like clothing and toiletries aside) there is probably only 10% I actually actively use. The rest of it just sits about, usually for the prettiness or the sentimental value. I’m a sucker for sentimental stuff. I used to be not even capable of throwing wrappers away if the treat was really yummy or if it was given to me on a special occasion or by someone important to me. Thankfully I’ve gotten a lot better. Most of the time.

Stuff requires more stuff as well as effort and time. Stuff needs upkeep, cleaning, dusting, stuff can get lost and stuff can break and need repairing. If or when stuff piles up it’ll get in your way, eventually. Stuff can cause anxiety and stress and in extreme cases, depression.

When I heard I needed to move to another place, there were a few things that immediately sprung to mind. Besides thinking of how sad it will be to leave an estate with such a great chipper, how am I going to move my stuff, what if something breaks? For example, the trophy I won in a dance competition, how do I wrap or transport it? Even though I know a trophy is not the win or the joyous occasion itself but more like a metaphor, I seem to want to cling onto it as if it is. Had they given me a beer or a blanket instead, the feel of winning would have been pretty much the same – I had a fabulous day dancing and chatting with my friends, enjoying the atmosphere, did my very best and came out on top. Why do I feel the need to connect an object to that memory, and why is it now bugging me?

Is a flea market not just a collection of stuff that is proven not to be needed? What am I looking for?

So when does stuff become shit? When is a bargain a bitch? Also, which stuff will be a plague and needs to skedaddle, and what should I keep?

Brb, gotta sort out some stuff.

My month in movies


Whaddaya know? Another blog like this. My blog on sandwiches was probably my favourite to ever write, and since I usually like to read or hear from people which movies they have seen, voila, here’s me doing exactly that. Hopefully you’ll get some ideas on what you could watch on a rainy Tuesday night or pretty much any day at any time.

“Month” in this blog stands for “the last few weeks, not totally sure, as I only decided last week I’d want to do a blog on this”.


Begin Again (2013)
Another musical film by director and writer John Carney. Since I absolutely loved his much praised and award winning movie Once (2007), I was pretty excited about my very late discovery that he had made another movie last year. The story is set in New York where singer and songwriter Gretta (Keira Knightley) meets record label holder Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo). Both are struggling in life and both find strength in joining forces: their love and talent for music. Funny detail is that this movie features actress Keira Knightley in a singing role, while it’s singer Adam Levine’s first acting job. Though a tiny bit predictable here and there, it didn’t have that much of a romcom vibe as I thought it would have. It’s pretty much a musical drama with funny bits. I find myself going back to listen to the soundtrack now and then as the songs are absolutely lovely.
I enjoyed watching this movie, though it wasn’t as strong as Once (but then again, what is?).

Horns (2014)
Pretty much my favourite movie out of this bunch, mainly because I didn’t expect any of this and it turned out to be incredibly funny and utterly bizarre. Ignatius Perrish or just “Ig” (Daniel Radcliffe) wakes up one morning after a wild night and discovers there are Horns growing from his temples. His ex-girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple) has been mysteriously murdered and he finds himself in troubled and ridiculous situations everywhere he goes. He realizes quickly that his horns bring the worst out in people and makes them reveal their darkest and ugliest secrets to him. Accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, he needs to find out the truth about her death in order to save himself.
That’s as much as I’m going to tell you guys, besides saying it’s an absolute must-see.

Never Let Me Go (2010)
Never Let Me Go is set in a dystopian world where there are certain boarding schools raising children to serve only one purpose: to serve the lives of others, making their own lives tragically limited. It follows love-triangle Kathy (Carey Mulligan), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley) in their boarding school lives and when they are young adults, discovering what they have to face and trying to escape their faith.
It’s one of these movies that leaves you sobbing and probably with a “What the hell is wong with people!”-feel. Especially the thoughts expressed by one of the characters in the plot, it really made an impact on me and left me to ponder.
Serious stuff.

Gold (2014)
I picked this movie to watch on my birthday in the iFi, the Irish Film Institute in Dublin. Even though I thought it was a very good movie that I’d want to have seen anyway, I am not sure if my birthday was the perfect day to watch it as it turned out a lil more dramatic than the trailer shows. In Gold, a father named Ray (David Wilmot) returns to his wife (Kerry Condon) and daughter (Maisie Williams) after leaving them 10 years ago. He finds they now form a stable family with P.E. teacher Frank (James Nesbitt), who is ambitious, strict and controlling, much the opposite of Ray self. Ray desperately wants to be a part in his daughters life again, but frustratingly he seems to only cause misfortune to the family.
Needless to say Maisie Williams is awesome in this.

Gone Girl 
One of those movies you really have to see when it’s in cinema. Not having read the book by Gillian Flynn, I was in for quite a few surprises. The story is set in Missouri where Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) deals with the sudden disappearance of his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike). Most powerful about this movie is that it makes you question your own world, the people who are in it and how much you really know about them. Also, I quite liked how big of a part a cat has in this movie, while not being of much importance at the same time. Awesome.

Frozen (2013)
This movie pretty much made me into a liar. Apart from hearing the Soundtrack anywhere and everywhere and catching some flashes of it on tv, I had not seen it until a few weeks ago and people were pretty intense about it. “You haven’t seen Frozen? YOU HAVEN’T SEEN FROZEN?! Why? I…But Why?!” After a few of those encounters (in which I just should have responded with “Let it go!”) I just decided to nod a bit when asked had I seen it and promised myself to watch it ASAP. Not disappointed at all and people were right when saying I must be craycray not to have watched it earlier.
Elsa (voice by Idina Menzel) possesses the power to turn everything into ice and snow but hasn’t learnt yet how to control this. When she accidentally curses her whole hometown to infinite winter she flees into the mountains and it is up to her sister Anna (voice by Kristen Bell) to save the situation, getting help from mountain man Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Snowman Oscar (Josh Gad). Loved this movie from begin to end. Great music, heartwarming scenes, I teared up once and wanted to marry two of the characters straight after they got introduced in the movie (Hans and Olaf). I wish I could share my favourite song but I just can’t choose. So there’s that.

It’s pretty beautiful how a movie called Frozen can make you feel so warm on the inside. Right?

Warm hugs anyone?

See you later!


4 things that happened in the past week


1. Corner Shop I saw this fabulous name for a corner shop located in just a residential area. Took this picture from a moving bus, that’s why the quality isn’t as good as this shop deserves.

2. Mr. Cab Driver My apartment hunt led me to meet one of the most lousy cab drivers ever. It was early morning and I was running late for a viewing (as my bus left without me before that, sob), and because I didn’t know the area very well I decided to hail a cab, ’cause you know, cab drivers usually know their way around and I would be much quicker. When I told him the address he barked at me that he didn’t know that address, it was not his neighbourhood. He started driving up to the estate that I mentioned anyway but after that there wasn’t much progress and at some point we were just going back and forth on the same road. “Do you have any mapping system?” I asked innocently, thinking he might have maybe just forgotten about that option, though it would be kind of strange. “No, why?” he barked back. “Can’t you look it up on your phone?” He then procedeeded to ignore looking at my phone while he shouted at every person that was passing for directions. FML.

3. Silver Polish* When already packing up some stuff for a competition weekend I discovered the silver cup that I had won the year before and now needed to go back had turned to a vile dark brownish/blackish colour, making it look like a piece of Voldemort’s soul had been living in it for the past year. Since I didn’t have any silver polish at hand and not much time the next day I had only one option and that was trying to find some in the spare half hour I had between work and the leaving of the bus towards dance class. I zig-zagged my way through Talbot Street, asking in any shop that I thought could or might have it. I got mixed answers to my simple question, ranging from “Just use vinegar” to  “Our candles are in aisle 4”. But my favourite was “What, for shoes?” Yep, uhu, that’s me, I wear silver shoes. *If you ever find yourself looking for silver polish in Dublin, head for Dunnes Stores and ask for Silvo.

4. MSN Messenger Due to my laptop breaking down and me switching to my wee aul’ Netbook, I was happily reunited with MSN Messenger when a pop up greeted my while starting up. It has been years since I last logged in and I decided to have a look around to see who was actually still uses it. I securely counted and there was no one there… But seeing the screen again made all the memories come back. Sentiment! The attention seekers who logged in twice per minute just so their name would keep popping up, jokers logging in under “Anonymous”, the people with a line from a song in their name, people with a heart and a date behind their name, overused smilies, songs or pictures that took three hours to transfer… Probably my best memory from Messenger was the group conversation with my whole class on the day we got our exam results and the chaos it caused when someone kept silent all of sudden as we knew he or she was getting the result at that exact moment. Today’s youth don’t know what they’re missing…

More sentiment: MSN sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z30oQIEzzvo Do you have any funny or noteworthy Messenger memories to share?

See yas! xx  – We All Live In A Yellow Submarine 😉 😀 🙂 !!

Lost in a cornfield and chased by zombies…


…Doesn’t really sound like a dream scenario, right? And yet, since I went to Farmaphobia in 2013 I couldn’t wait to go again this year’s Halloween.

So what is Farmaphobia? It’s an annual Halloween event in county Meath where a farm gets turned into this majestically creepy place with four big attractions. Last year I kinda tagged along with my friends to see what it was like, not expecting to actually be amazed or creeped out. I mean, I was 24, just moved across the pond and started my big new first official job. Bitch please, what could possibly scare me?

Turns out, in a place like Farmaphobia, even a malformed tree or a chunk of your own hair will scare you. And it’ll be amazing.

Last year, the indoor maze called “Contagion” caused the biggest frights. You are obliged to wear some kinda gas masks in this maze whilst using a paintball gun to shoot the already infected zombies before they catch you. As if this wasn’t nerve wracking enough there was the unfortunate fact that the masks kept coming down our faces, blocking the already not so clear sight. My tactic was to just cling onto a friend hoping for the best (totally forgetting about the paintball gun and just trying to scream the zombies away. Smart.). My other friend had it worse, all deserted in the middle of the chaos she kept bumping and walking into a wall, not being able to see because of the mask. Help came from unexpected direction: one of the zombies couldn’t face this situation any longer and guided my friend into a non-wall direction.

Needless to say, we didn’t find the much needed antidote to save all human kind from the virus. Sorry lads.

This year the walk through a cornfield was the most creepy experience. Getting lost, being chased, feeling hands in your neck and whispers in your ear… You really bond with the people you are walking with. Until roughly the end of the route. As my friend put it: “Once you hear the sound of a chainsaw approaching, it’s every man for himself.”

So long, Farmaphobia. Until we Meath again.


SAM_0459 SAM_0483


This cutie was so good as to pose for the picture… Before he started chasing me down the premises.

My week in sandwiches

SAM_0449(Originally I wrote down “My week in sambos” as a title for this blog, because I like the Irish slang word sambo much better than the word sandwich. It sounds adorable. But, “My week in sambos” would sound as if I was gonna describe a groovy holiday on some Greek island and that would be a tad misleading.)

Well hi there.

When I look around on other blogs I see a lot of “My week in…” and “My month in…” articles flying about. I usually enjoy those myself and wanted to jump on this bandwagon, only to realise that it would probably result in a blog full of pictures of me sitting at my desk in work or sitting in a bus on my way to dance class and that would get quite tedious quite soon.

Since I have a thing for sandwich and playing around with fillings and toppings lately (this phase comes back to me every so often), I thought this might be one aspect of my life that would be amusing to document and share. Give me a shout if it is!

Some of these sambos were homemade, some of them were snatched up from the canteen in work. All of them were fondly devoured by moi.

(Btw this was the week from 11 – 17 October as I’m a bit behind at the moment.)

Saturday BrunchSAM_0172Wholegrain toast with half a chopped up red chilli pepper sautéed in a bit of butter, a few handfuls 0f baby leaf spinach thrown in and scrambled with two eggs and a tiny bit of cream –  and some goat’s cheese on top.
So this is a recipe I got from one of those Women Health mags and this dish is supposed to be great before or after work-outs. I wouldn’t know about that yet, but it did fuel my saturday afternoon of catching up on all kinds of series pretty darn good.

Sunday Breakfast 
Wholegrain toast with Meridian Peanut Butter, some cinnamon and some slices of banana.
I was told that if I wanted to master all of my dances out at competitions that I should really start eating bananas. I’m not thoroughly convinced but thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Since I don’t like bananas and haven’t eaten them in quite a while, I thought I’d start off eating them combined with something else rather then eating them just like that. This combo was actually surprisingly tasty.

Monday Lunch
sambo 3
Brown bread with some tomato-relish (called Betanzjan). Find the recipe here.
I took some of the tomato-relish I had made that weekend with me to work and grabbed two slices of bread from the canteen (I had eaten the other one before realising this was sandwich-week and pictures should be taken, soz). For some reason, I always feel more grown-uppish when I bring food with me to work.

Tuesday Lunch
sambo 4
A good aul’ ham sambo.
Grabbed it from the canteen. True story.

Wednesday Lunchsambo 5
White roll with brie, ham, cranberry relish and a slice of pear.
This is by far my favourite sambo from the canteen. They used to have this combo on a wrap also which was even more awesome because then you could toast them for a bit and the brie would all melt and… Oh god. Try it.

Thursday Dinner-Ish
sambo 6
Multi-seed “sandwich thin roll” with three fishfingers, some garlic mayonaise, ketchup and some baby leaf spinach.
At the moment, this is the mother of all homemade comfort foods for me. Got the idea from a cookbook from Nadia Sawalha and adjusted it to my taste and it is the absolute bees knees. Had it on a night where I wasn’t really hungry for dinner but still got a bit peckish later on.  This one is probs my favourite of the bunch, with the spinach/scramble one as a close second. Btw don’t you just love it when you take a picture and it comes out all blue and you have no idea why?

Friday Lunch
White roll with tuna, mayonaise, sweet corn, slices of tomato and some lettuce.
This roll just looked too shabby to be true so I decided to center the etiquette in the picture, which doesn’t look quite like art either. I liked this sandwich though the bread itself was awfully chewy and tough to get through. Also, if I’d decide to make this one myself I’d probably throw in some more tomato and swap the mayo for some yogurt.

Would you make any of these and what’s your favourite sandwich? Lemmeknow guys, I’m an insatiable sandwich recipe fanatic.


Blogception: A Blog on My Current Favourite Blogs


These type of blogs are usually accompanied by a picture of a smart looking office space/nifty desk centering a Macbook and a jolly mug with a hot beverage… But since I write my blogs from my bed and my Fujitsu Siemens doesn’t have that much appreciated elegance, a picture like that would feel like a lie. Therefore I present you this smug looking goat instead.

Before I started blogging I had sort of a set internet routine. Checking e-mails, simultaneously scan BBC news and Facebook, see what the weather’s going to be like that day  and checking up on my favourite blogs. Since I started blogging myself that routine has slightly changed. I still do the things I just mentioned, but usually only in between enthusiastically checking the stats on my blog. Look, someone from Croatia clicked on my blog! Welcome, you epic person! Apart from the obsessing over stats (honestly, who of you bloggers out there doesn’t love stats?) I also discovered quite a few new blogs I added to my daily routine.
I’d love to share my favourite blogs with you, so here you go.

Things I Find In The Garbage Coming across a title like that you just feel like you have to click it. And it did not disappoint in the slightest. The subtitle of the blog states: “I’m a professional scavenger and entrepreneur making a living selling curbside garbage.” And that is exactly what this blog is about. I am truly amazed by what is thrown away by people and how this blogger can live off his treasure hunting. This blog gives another dimension to ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

Worth the Whisk  I truly wish I came up with this awesome name for a blog. Besides that, I wish I had created it. It combines a lot of travel with a lot of amazing looking (and probably very tasty) food. The Mini Lasagnas with Pesto and Kale are on my to-bake list.

A Wee Bit of Cooking I wanted to write “Another foodblog etc. …”, but that would be rude and incorrect. Because this isn’t just another foodblog, it’s a blog with Scottish recipes and advice on visiting Scotland. I love the artwork on the blog and the personal writing style.

14 Weeks Worth of Socks Is a lifestyle and travel blog run by The Sock Mistress. There’s a wide variety of blog topics (from Disney to Feminism) and I especially love to read about the adventures of the doglets and the personal project of making transcriptions of her Granddad’s WW2 diary.

As The Bird Flies Frankie is a short story writer and makes the most incredible pictures of her travels. I love her colourful pictures and her advice on vintage shopping (abroad).

Voila, lots and lots of reading. Which blogs are you following at the moment?

Love! xx