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A sandwich that tastes like new laptop (Lunch recipe)


Looking past some of my previous blog posts I made the shocking observation that there’s a serious lack of sandwiches. Like really. My last post on this stems from more than three months ago. Yikes.

So here finally goes. A simple one. I had something like this the day I had just bought my new laptop, and because of the lack of WiFi at my old place, I went into Starbucks t0 use theirs and to install some stuff and look all cool and edgy and awesome sitting with mah new laptop in Starbucks yo. I ordered some tropical juice and this roll and since then it has become one of my absolute faves. Feeling on top of the world with my new buy probs added to that also. A bit.


Making this sandwich at home I opted for an Italian-ish seedy baguetty thing, but any bread will do. I mixed half a cut up red chilli pepper and some black pepper with 2/3 spoons of cream cheese and spread this out over the sandwich. Throw some smoked salmon on top and and add a tiny bit of lemon juice.

I really enjoy the spicyness of this.

Now you’re good to go for a whole afternoon of downloading Friends and Downton Abbey, signing up for Netflix and having a panic attacks thinking you might have broken your new laptop already. Or you know, whatever you had planned that day.

For the sake of lunch and vitamins I cut up some tiny tomatoes of various colours and mixed them with a tiny spoon of pesto genovese. Those tomatoes that look like they just went over to the Dark side are called dark plum tomatoes. I didn’t know that until I saw a punnet of these in Lidl.
What a lovely story. Thanks.


Sandwich fanatic like me? I’m a noob having fun experimenting with toppings. Keepin’ it simple. Someone who’s a real champ at sandwiches is Stephanie Smith, blogger from the amazing 300 sandwiches blog (and soon cookbook!). Her blog is definitely worth a look. Enjoy 🙂

My week in sandwiches

SAM_0449(Originally I wrote down “My week in sambos” as a title for this blog, because I like the Irish slang word sambo much better than the word sandwich. It sounds adorable. But, “My week in sambos” would sound as if I was gonna describe a groovy holiday on some Greek island and that would be a tad misleading.)

Well hi there.

When I look around on other blogs I see a lot of “My week in…” and “My month in…” articles flying about. I usually enjoy those myself and wanted to jump on this bandwagon, only to realise that it would probably result in a blog full of pictures of me sitting at my desk in work or sitting in a bus on my way to dance class and that would get quite tedious quite soon.

Since I have a thing for sandwich and playing around with fillings and toppings lately (this phase comes back to me every so often), I thought this might be one aspect of my life that would be amusing to document and share. Give me a shout if it is!

Some of these sambos were homemade, some of them were snatched up from the canteen in work. All of them were fondly devoured by moi.

(Btw this was the week from 11 – 17 October as I’m a bit behind at the moment.)

Saturday BrunchSAM_0172Wholegrain toast with half a chopped up red chilli pepper sautéed in a bit of butter, a few handfuls 0f baby leaf spinach thrown in and scrambled with two eggs and a tiny bit of cream –  and some goat’s cheese on top.
So this is a recipe I got from one of those Women Health mags and this dish is supposed to be great before or after work-outs. I wouldn’t know about that yet, but it did fuel my saturday afternoon of catching up on all kinds of series pretty darn good.

Sunday Breakfast 
Wholegrain toast with Meridian Peanut Butter, some cinnamon and some slices of banana.
I was told that if I wanted to master all of my dances out at competitions that I should really start eating bananas. I’m not thoroughly convinced but thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Since I don’t like bananas and haven’t eaten them in quite a while, I thought I’d start off eating them combined with something else rather then eating them just like that. This combo was actually surprisingly tasty.

Monday Lunch
sambo 3
Brown bread with some tomato-relish (called Betanzjan). Find the recipe here.
I took some of the tomato-relish I had made that weekend with me to work and grabbed two slices of bread from the canteen (I had eaten the other one before realising this was sandwich-week and pictures should be taken, soz). For some reason, I always feel more grown-uppish when I bring food with me to work.

Tuesday Lunch
sambo 4
A good aul’ ham sambo.
Grabbed it from the canteen. True story.

Wednesday Lunchsambo 5
White roll with brie, ham, cranberry relish and a slice of pear.
This is by far my favourite sambo from the canteen. They used to have this combo on a wrap also which was even more awesome because then you could toast them for a bit and the brie would all melt and… Oh god. Try it.

Thursday Dinner-Ish
sambo 6
Multi-seed “sandwich thin roll” with three fishfingers, some garlic mayonaise, ketchup and some baby leaf spinach.
At the moment, this is the mother of all homemade comfort foods for me. Got the idea from a cookbook from Nadia Sawalha and adjusted it to my taste and it is the absolute bees knees. Had it on a night where I wasn’t really hungry for dinner but still got a bit peckish later on.  This one is probs my favourite of the bunch, with the spinach/scramble one as a close second. Btw don’t you just love it when you take a picture and it comes out all blue and you have no idea why?

Friday Lunch
White roll with tuna, mayonaise, sweet corn, slices of tomato and some lettuce.
This roll just looked too shabby to be true so I decided to center the etiquette in the picture, which doesn’t look quite like art either. I liked this sandwich though the bread itself was awfully chewy and tough to get through. Also, if I’d decide to make this one myself I’d probably throw in some more tomato and swap the mayo for some yogurt.

Would you make any of these and what’s your favourite sandwich? Lemmeknow guys, I’m an insatiable sandwich recipe fanatic.


Oh honey, I went to this hipster pizza place near Temple Bar and saw that it was good


Reviewing Skinflint, Crane Lane 19, Dublin 2

Around two months ago my colleague Izzie and me decided to do something completely out of the ordinary; instead of planning the usual friday-after-work-drinks (that I usually miss because of dance class), we decided to start painting the town red on a Monday. To give the Monday that extra bit of umpf that it so desperately needs (seriously who likes Monday?). After skipping to the closest pub we sat down for a jacket potatoe, some profiteroles and approximately 2 glasses of white Pinot Grigio each. One more than we planned. Thus, Pinot-Monday was born.

After a few visits to this same shabby pub, that we found served a very dodgy kind of salmon, we decided it was time for a change of venue. Izzie proposed Skinflint, a hipster-ish pizza restaurant in the center of Dublin. I had my doubts. I knew their sister-restaurant Jo’Burger and wasn’t sure how I felt about their drinks menu, that mainly consists of fruit/herbed bubbled water. If there was no Pinot, how could we honour our modern traditions? “No” wrote Izzie to me in the work chatbox, a strictly professional tool. “Everywhere has wine.” My doubts cleared instantly.

Skinflint can be found on Crane Lane in Dublin 2, close to a pub called The Snug. You have to take a double look cause you might not see it the first time, it’s small-ish and the decorum doesn’t really scream attention from the outside. The atmosphere is lovely, the music funky and the food tasty.  We ordered cheese sticks as a starter and they were just savage. The pizzas have girl names and so it happened that I ordered a Celine for the main course (a pizza with rocket, mushrooms, parmesan and garlic confit). In Skinflint, every table has big bags of napkins on the table and it is only while you are eating your mains that it becomes clear why. Next to salt and pepper you can find honey as a third condiment on your table, and you are meant to eat that with your pizza. Yeah, let that sink in.

Personally, I find pizza and honey the best combination since… Harry & Ron? Ant and Dec? Chocolate and peanuts? It was amazing and I’ll be returning to get myself some more of that.

The only things about Skinflint that I didnt like as much were the chairs that weren’t very comfy and the fact that the pizzas weren’t very cheesy. Though the fact that they were very thin and crispy (which I prefer above doughey pizzas) almost made up for that completely.

Pizza prices range from 8 to 13 euro, and it’s 2 for 1 on the Monday!

More info:

SAM_0257 SAM_0277 SAM_0295

Thinking back I couldn’t tell why the restaurant is called Skinflint. The Cambridge Online Dictionary says a Skinflint is a “a person who is unwilling to spend money”. I didn’t know that, so that’ll be the second thing (after learning that honey on pizza is awesome) I learnt from this pizza place visit. If I ever find out why it is called Skinflint exactly, I’ll report back to you guys.

Also, this would be a great moment to make some sort of “Joey likes pizza and/or doesn’t share food-joke”, but I can’t think of any. Must be the Pinot.


Bounty in a mug and some random things I learnt recently


So this week I read something that will probably change my hot chocolate habits forever. I have been experimenting before topping up my hot chocolate with cinnamon or rum or almond essence (I like living on the edge), but I think I have a winner now. The key to the most magical cup of hot chocolate is… Coconut milk! It’s almost like bounty in a mug. Melt some chocolate (preferably dark chocolate) in a pan, with a half/half mixture of normal milk and coconutmilk. Keep stirring until completely warmed through. Done.
Got this idea from a magazine I read on a train. Ace.

I am a queen of trivial facts. I love knowledge about random stuff as much as I love pugs and treehouses. There, now you know a random fact about me too. Down here you can find what I learnt in the past few weeks.

1. Disney
In The Little Mermaid, Ariel is only occasionally drawn with fingernails. As a mermaid she doesn’t have them and as a human she only has them now and then. Yeah get the remote, time to watch it for the 80th time!

2. Ben & Jerry’s Discontinued Flavours (Nooooooooooooooooooooo!)
While surfing around the internet I stumbled upon the Ben & Jerry’s “Flavor Graveyard”. A section on the Ben & Jerry’s website where you can find the discontinued flavours. Yeah, I was surprised too. On their website you can see the name of the flavour, the main ingredients and to add some more to the grief you can read a sad poem about this flavour. Among the perished flavours are names like “This is Nuts”, “Sugar Plum” and “Cool Britannia”. And apparently at some point they had a flavour called “Dublin Mudslide” which was filled with heaps of chocolate and Irish Cream Liquor. Never knew about the existence of this one but I already think it’s a sad loss for the world.

3. Roshes
Yes, I did see the type of footwear in shops before, but the hype and the name totally escaped me until a few weeks ago. Until then, I just thought they were flimsy runners. But apparently they are trendy and cool, very cool. And they make me feel like a granny for not knowing this…

4. Lenny
According to the internet, Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman used to date. Who knew?!

5. Titanic Survivors
Of all the animals aboard the Titanic only three dogs (out of the twelve that entered the ship) survived. One was a Pekingese named Sun Yat Sen. Another one was a Pomeranian that was rolled into a blankie and was, mistaken for a baby, taken on one of the lifeboats. Some sources confirm the third one was also a Pomeranian, others aren’t sure. Either way it’s safe to say it was also a small dog, as big ones couldn’t possibly be taken into the lifeboats.
PS: Picture-wise, Terry Pratchett’s “Dragon’s at Crumbling Castle” is the book I picked up last weekend during a 2 hour delay before my flight from Dublin Airport. I intended on buying the Fault in Our Stars and while looking for a blue cover this one just sorta jumped into my hands. It’s actually a children’s book aimed at ages 7 to 10 but I had the best time ever reading this. No regrets not buying the Fault in Our Stars whatsoever.

Marks & Spencer is fabulous for many reasons and here are a few

SAM_0119So, I swear I’m not a stockholder, I don’t have any shares, nor do I win anything by promoting Marks & Spencer. I am just your regular Marks & Spencer junkie. Nothing more, nothing less.

The first M&S item I ever owned was a pale blue twinset-thing with tiny flowers. Kinda granny-ish. Oops. Besides the granny-stuff they also have the snuggliest pyjamas, awesome bedsheets, nice gadgets that make good presents and there’s also the food. Omg, the food.

Eventhough I am not the biggest fan of ready meals because, well, I like to cook myself and ready meals don’t carry the healthiest image, sometimes I just can’t resist to stroll through the food department. All the stuff just looks so classy and buying it makes me feel classy. And eating it makes me feel…What’s the word? I don’t have any word for it. It’s just so tasty.

Besides awesome, classy and tasty there’s also some fabulously peculiar stuff to be found. I’ll share them with you here.

SAM_0133They sell Lord Voldemort’s Cheese.

SAM_0124These packets of tea look so darn cute I just want to hug them!

SAM_0125Dutch cookies with Belgian chocolate. Don’t you just love it when neighbouring countries collaborate to create the perfect biccy?

SAM_0118Honey. Could you pass me that ehh… Asparagus juice?!

SAM_0130Posh cheese on toast in this packet. Toast not included 😦

SAM_0135A mini bag with baby potatoes. For those times you cook up a feast for your dolls.

SAM_0128These pensieve-like jelly deserts… Yum.

I wanted to buy these jars and then I decided not to and now I’m lying awake regretting my decision. I need to go back and soon…

Bon appetit y’all!

I wish I had known this recipe when I was a student

Spaghetti No-Name

Spaghetti No-Name

First things first: This recipe is not totes my own creation. It’s supposed to be a superfamous alltime Italian classic but I only discovered it recently in a cookbook from Nadia Sawalha and adjusted it to my own taste. And with adjusted to my own taste I usually mean adding more garlic. This time is no different.

I so so so wish I had known this recipe when I was a student, it would’ve cheered up a lot of broke ass end of the months. Every student usually has their signature “I’m broke”-dish. I had a friend who survived on fishfingers and frozen spinach. Heaps of students went and probably still go for pasta-pesto, a right classic. I usually made soup with whatever vegetable was in season or “risotto” with rice, a vegetable stock cube and whatever vegetable was in season. Best time ever.

Serves 2

175 gr. spaghetti
1 or 2 garlic cloves (depending on how much of a garlic fan you are)
2 tablespoons of tomatoe purée
a few leafs fresh basil, torn up if they are big (dried basil is tasty too, but very different)
some grated parmesan or mature cheese
olive oil


Cook the spaghetti with a little splash of olive oil and some salt until ready. Y’all know the throw-the-spaghetti-against-the-wall-and-if-it-sticks-it’s-ready trick right?

Meanwhile, heat a spoon of olive oil in a frying pan. Crush the garlic in the pan and cook until soft, keep stirring (and Nadia says it’s not okay to burn it btw). Add the tomato purée while still stirring it all around.

Key-instruction for this recipe: add a couple of tablespoons from the pasta-water to your tomatoe-garlic mixture. It’ll make the sauce cling to your spaghetti. True story! Keep stirring.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and put it into the frying pan. Stir pasta, tomatoe sauce, some of the grated cheese and some basil leafs all together in the frying pan until it’s all mixed.

Serve with some basil and grated cheese on top. Some cucumber salad on the side is very nice too. But sides aren’t very studentey. Oh well.

Hasta la pasta!