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Ideas and drafts that never actually made my blog (yet?)


Before starting this blog I had this irrational fear of running out of ideas merely a month after starting. Fortunately, quite the opposite has happened. Since starting, more and more ideas are coming to me. At the moment I have two notebooks that I use for blog ideas (there’s always one missing, until I find it and then the other one has gone) and they are overflowing with doodles and anecdotes and keywords. It’s more than I’d ever be able to write down.

I guess I am quite an impulsive blogger, and go with whatever excites me at that moment. And yes, sometimes that’s just a sandwich, and sometimes thoughts on expat life have my preference. There could be tons of reasons why an idea or draft didn’t make my blog, and this list will give an inkling of what might have happened along the road to Blogville and why some drafts will always stay drafts. A list of  blog post ghosts, if you will.

1. The picture on top of this blog post was made around a year ago, I think. I was walking through St. Anne’s Park and suddenly came across this type of roses that are officially called Paddy Stephens. I thought it was the cutest thing ever and promised myself that if I’d ever start blogging (I had been playing with the thought for years), Paddy Stephens was definitely going to be featured. The blog post was going to be called “Paddy Stephens, we meet again”, as I’d go back to St. Anne’s Park and take a picture when they were fully bloom – a sentimental rant on the change Paddy and me had made in the time we hadn’t seen each other (I was going to be slimmer and richer, for sure). Sadly, I moved away from that area of Dublin and don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon, as I now live closer to the Phoenix Park.

2. “Give it up for Lent” – pretty self explanatory this one. I never posted it because I was busy and late with it, but also because there wasn’t much I gave up (takeaways) and just not much to say about it in general.

3. “I slept in a Castle, I’m now only two talking birds away from becoming a Disney princess.” So this happened a few weeks ago. I was going to sleep in the Castle Hotel Oud Poelgeest near Leiden, and had planned on something of a review, or some awesome pictures. Or transcribe the spectacular dialogue with a ghost I was definitely going to meet. Turned out the actual hotel was not IN the castle, but overlooking the castle. It was awesome altogether but I couldn’t put myself to blogging about it as I didn’t get any closer to becoming a Disney princess.

4. “Greetings, friend” Was going to be about playing Hearthstone, an online game I became addicted to over Christmas. There just wasn’t much more to add to what I already mentioned in a weekly round up blog post, bar the fact that Hearthstone is the bloody bees knees and everyone needs it in their lives. Oh, I did start jotting down the names of characters I had been up against because for some reason I though that would be cool: Mr. Dickbutt, Optimus, YOUMADBRO, Lobo and BeardedCake.

5. “Three shower gels from Boots I adore” Quite frankly, I just thought you guys wouldn’t give a shit.

6. “Puns found in the Metro Herald”. When I moved to Coolmine I started commuting daily by train, and was thoroughly enjoying the puns the Metro Herald journos made. I really really really love puns. Especially Harry Potter related puns. Make a Harry Potter related pun and I’ll probably go down on one knee and offer you onion rings. Okay where was I? On a Friday I decided to start make pictures of the puns in the paper, and on Monday I read that it was Metro’s last week before taken out of print. I had a few pictures by the end of the week, but they weren’t the best pictures or puns so I didn’t go ahead with a post on that. 7. I hadn’t named this blog post yet but the plan was to bake a Chocolate Courgette cake and share the recipe and my thoughts. Chocolate and Courgette cake was a hip and happening thing on Tumblr and blogs a while back and I definitely wanted to try it out as people had been raving about it. Also I wanted to go all Masterchef on it and experiment and throw in some jelly beans or chopped up pistachios or thyme and bake magic. Besides having had much time to do it, I’m also just not much of a baker, I like cooking a lot better and I feel I’m a tad better at it.

8. “Books people read on the train”. A project I officially gave up on this morning, for a number of reasons. One being that people just don’t read much books on the train anymore, or at least not as much as there are people looking at their phone. Another, more important reason was the fact that it made me feel like a right creep. I wanted to make pictures of the books being read/held by people, without those people being visible or very recognizable (’cause taking pictures of unknowing strangers and putting them on the www is not cool), but that’s a bloody hard thing to do. This morning I saw someone read a book and was at the angle  of shooting a picture that wouldn’t have been creepy, if there wasn’t a person next to me looking weirdly after seeing me opening the camera on my phone and point it at a stranger. And then pointing at my shoes as a distraction. Let’s just say it didn’t work out.

9. In one of my notebooks, I read the sentence “I’m a hamburger snob now”, which I obviously thought at that moment was a phenomenal title and subject for a blog post, I just can’t for the life of me remember what this was about.

Bloggers out there, do you have ideas or drafts never reaching their final form and what are the reasons behind it?

Blogception: A Blog on My Current Favourite Blogs


These type of blogs are usually accompanied by a picture of a smart looking office space/nifty desk centering a Macbook and a jolly mug with a hot beverage… But since I write my blogs from my bed and my Fujitsu Siemens doesn’t have that much appreciated elegance, a picture like that would feel like a lie. Therefore I present you this smug looking goat instead.

Before I started blogging I had sort of a set internet routine. Checking e-mails, simultaneously scan BBC news and Facebook, see what the weather’s going to be like that day  and checking up on my favourite blogs. Since I started blogging myself that routine has slightly changed. I still do the things I just mentioned, but usually only in between enthusiastically checking the stats on my blog. Look, someone from Croatia clicked on my blog! Welcome, you epic person! Apart from the obsessing over stats (honestly, who of you bloggers out there doesn’t love stats?) I also discovered quite a few new blogs I added to my daily routine.
I’d love to share my favourite blogs with you, so here you go.

Things I Find In The Garbage Coming across a title like that you just feel like you have to click it. And it did not disappoint in the slightest. The subtitle of the blog states: “I’m a professional scavenger and entrepreneur making a living selling curbside garbage.” And that is exactly what this blog is about. I am truly amazed by what is thrown away by people and how this blogger can live off his treasure hunting. This blog gives another dimension to ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

Worth the Whisk  I truly wish I came up with this awesome name for a blog. Besides that, I wish I had created it. It combines a lot of travel with a lot of amazing looking (and probably very tasty) food. The Mini Lasagnas with Pesto and Kale are on my to-bake list.

A Wee Bit of Cooking I wanted to write “Another foodblog etc. …”, but that would be rude and incorrect. Because this isn’t just another foodblog, it’s a blog with Scottish recipes and advice on visiting Scotland. I love the artwork on the blog and the personal writing style.

14 Weeks Worth of Socks Is a lifestyle and travel blog run by The Sock Mistress. There’s a wide variety of blog topics (from Disney to Feminism) and I especially love to read about the adventures of the doglets and the personal project of making transcriptions of her Granddad’s WW2 diary.

As The Bird Flies Frankie is a short story writer and makes the most incredible pictures of her travels. I love her colourful pictures and her advice on vintage shopping (abroad).

Voila, lots and lots of reading. Which blogs are you following at the moment?

Love! xx