11 Reasons why Frozen is the absolute bees knees


So yeah I planned to write about something else but it turned out I just couldn’t think of anything but my new favourite Disney movie. I know I was very late to join the cool gang of Frozen admirers as I’ve only seen the movie for the first time last month, but now that I’ve seen it it’s just hitting me with full force – oh my god it’s so awesome.

Sometimes I just have to sing “Let it Go”, even if it’s just the one line. It’s there in my head and I need to let it out. My amazing colleagues have gotten used to this and sometimes join in – or they start singing it when it just went out of my head, great. But maybe I should dial down the Frozen in my life for just a bit.

Before doing so, this will be a last blow out – just sharing with the world (meaning you, if you read this) why this film is just epic.

(If you haven’t seen the movie yet, yes, there will be some spoilers).

1. It’s all girl power. When there’s that talk about how “an act of true love can save”, you tend to think someone will snog a prince just before the end and all will be fine. Turns out the lads are pretty much useless afterall in this movie. Sweet, but useless. Yes.

2. Just how suave is Prince Hans? And how sexy is his voice? Very.

3. The music. It’s a complete cop out, but I simply cannot skip it in this list. The songs had that catchy-ness that reminded me of the soundtracks of oldtime classics like the Lion King, the Beauty and the Beast and Hercules. Something I had missed in more recent Disneys like Tangled and Brave.

4. The fact that Olaf, despite being made of snow and thus should be super cold, just looks so cuddly and cute and warm.

5. Those very very subtle clues for the plot. Like when Hans tells he has twelve older brothers, making him the thirteenth of the bunch. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

6. Who knew there’s a Disney princess in Sarah Marshall/Veronica Mars? I adored Kristen Bell’s voice – especially in the songs.

7. The fact that Anna is so relatable. She’s clumsy, naive, has a knack for making wrong decisions, she drools and has crazy morning hair. My favourite Disney princess to date and I’m like, very picky about my Disney princesses.

8. Reindeer Sven – he almost makes me want to get a reindeer more than a pug. He doesn’t speak (besides the words Kristoff put in his mouth when thinking for him) yet he’s very expressive and added a lot of humor to the scenes. This guy deserves his own trailer filled with carrots.

9. Oaken’s accent reminded me of Phoebe Buffay’s “Ikea-voice”. But maybe that’s just me. Or maybe that’s just a regular Arendellian dialect. He made me laugh. Let’s keep it at that, ya?

10. I sobbed within the first 15 minutes of the movie and I don’t cry that much when watching movies or tv. This sobfest was almost equal to seeing my favourite house-elf pass away while I had “known” him for years and the Royal family of Arendelle just a quarter of an hour. It’s wonderful and crazy how a few animated characters can touch you like that.

11. Just like other Disneys, Frozen is full of Easter Eggs and references to other movies. I spotted a few (the dancing sea gulls just looked too familiar for me!), but there’s loads. This is a compilation of them. Enjoy!


3 responses to “11 Reasons why Frozen is the absolute bees knees

  1. One of my favourite Disney movies. I especially agree about the music – I loved the music to all those you mention plus The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.


  2. Funny you mention those, those are absolutely majestic and I was gonna name them but just made the cut after three. Aladdin was my brother’s favourite and the Little Mermaid was my favourite so it was always Disney songs galore in our house! 🙂


  3. Ik vind Frozen ook echt ge-wel-dig! De liedjes zing ik de hele dag door, waar iedereen soms gek van wordt….Anna is inderdaad zo leuk! Echt een kluns 🙂


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