Lost in a cornfield and chased by zombies…


…Doesn’t really sound like a dream scenario, right? And yet, since I went to Farmaphobia in 2013 I couldn’t wait to go again this year’s Halloween.

So what is Farmaphobia? It’s an annual Halloween event in county Meath where a farm gets turned into this majestically creepy place with four big attractions. Last year I kinda tagged along with my friends to see what it was like, not expecting to actually be amazed or creeped out. I mean, I was 24, just moved across the pond and started my big new first official job. Bitch please, what could possibly scare me?

Turns out, in a place like Farmaphobia, even a malformed tree or a chunk of your own hair will scare you. And it’ll be amazing.

Last year, the indoor maze called “Contagion” caused the biggest frights. You are obliged to wear some kinda gas masks in this maze whilst using a paintball gun to shoot the already infected zombies before they catch you. As if this wasn’t nerve wracking enough there was the unfortunate fact that the masks kept coming down our faces, blocking the already not so clear sight. My tactic was to just cling onto a friend hoping for the best (totally forgetting about the paintball gun and just trying to scream the zombies away. Smart.). My other friend had it worse, all deserted in the middle of the chaos she kept bumping and walking into a wall, not being able to see because of the mask. Help came from unexpected direction: one of the zombies couldn’t face this situation any longer and guided my friend into a non-wall direction.

Needless to say, we didn’t find the much needed antidote to save all human kind from the virus. Sorry lads.

This year the walk through a cornfield was the most creepy experience. Getting lost, being chased, feeling hands in your neck and whispers in your ear… You really bond with the people you are walking with. Until roughly the end of the route. As my friend put it: “Once you hear the sound of a chainsaw approaching, it’s every man for himself.”

So long, Farmaphobia. Until we Meath again.


SAM_0459 SAM_0483


This cutie was so good as to pose for the picture… Before he started chasing me down the premises.


3 responses to “Lost in a cornfield and chased by zombies…

  1. So creapy! So cool!


  2. La vache qui rit

    Ahhhh being chased down a cornfield. Right in the childhood. However the bravery you displayed I couldn’t even dare think of levelling. Totally cool! The closest thing to creepy creatures I got was in the cinema while watching What we do in the shadows, which I totally recommend for all it’s lovely lame puns and randomn fun facts about vampires in Wellington ❤


  3. OMG That movie sounds absolutely epic! MUST SEE IT!


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