Bounty in a mug and some random things I learnt recently


So this week I read something that will probably change my hot chocolate habits forever. I have been experimenting before topping up my hot chocolate with cinnamon or rum or almond essence (I like living on the edge), but I think I have a winner now. The key to the most magical cup of hot chocolate is… Coconut milk! It’s almost like bounty in a mug. Melt some chocolate (preferably dark chocolate) in a pan, with a half/half mixture of normal milk and coconutmilk. Keep stirring until completely warmed through. Done.
Got this idea from a magazine I read on a train. Ace.

I am a queen of trivial facts. I love knowledge about random stuff as much as I love pugs and treehouses. There, now you know a random fact about me too. Down here you can find what I learnt in the past few weeks.

1. Disney
In The Little Mermaid, Ariel is only occasionally drawn with fingernails. As a mermaid she doesn’t have them and as a human she only has them now and then. Yeah get the remote, time to watch it for the 80th time!

2. Ben & Jerry’s Discontinued Flavours (Nooooooooooooooooooooo!)
While surfing around the internet I stumbled upon the Ben & Jerry’s “Flavor Graveyard”. A section on the Ben & Jerry’s website where you can find the discontinued flavours. Yeah, I was surprised too. On their website you can see the name of the flavour, the main ingredients and to add some more to the grief you can read a sad poem about this flavour. Among the perished flavours are names like “This is Nuts”, “Sugar Plum” and “Cool Britannia”. And apparently at some point they had a flavour called “Dublin Mudslide” which was filled with heaps of chocolate and Irish Cream Liquor. Never knew about the existence of this one but I already think it’s a sad loss for the world.

3. Roshes
Yes, I did see the type of footwear in shops before, but the hype and the name totally escaped me until a few weeks ago. Until then, I just thought they were flimsy runners. But apparently they are trendy and cool, very cool. And they make me feel like a granny for not knowing this…

4. Lenny
According to the internet, Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman used to date. Who knew?!

5. Titanic Survivors
Of all the animals aboard the Titanic only three dogs (out of the twelve that entered the ship) survived. One was a Pekingese named Sun Yat Sen. Another one was a Pomeranian that was rolled into a blankie and was, mistaken for a baby, taken on one of the lifeboats. Some sources confirm the third one was also a Pomeranian, others aren’t sure. Either way it’s safe to say it was also a small dog, as big ones couldn’t possibly be taken into the lifeboats.
PS: Picture-wise, Terry Pratchett’s “Dragon’s at Crumbling Castle” is the book I picked up last weekend during a 2 hour delay before my flight from Dublin Airport. I intended on buying the Fault in Our Stars and while looking for a blue cover this one just sorta jumped into my hands. It’s actually a children’s book aimed at ages 7 to 10 but I had the best time ever reading this. No regrets not buying the Fault in Our Stars whatsoever.


6 responses to “Bounty in a mug and some random things I learnt recently

  1. Wow, ik heb ook weer wat geleerd! Ik moet maar weer eens snel De kleine zeemeermin gaan kijken 🙂

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  2. La vache qui rit

    Don’t spend your money the Fault in our Stars! Or at least don’t buy the movie. Just download it and be disappointed for free. Terry Pratchett is indeed way better 😀 I’m now on to reading Caitlin Morans “How to build a girl”. Hilarious! Also sort of obsessed with her now

    On a sidenote, bounty in a mug sounds fantastic. FANTASTIC.

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  3. izziepoptarts

    I still don’t understand roshes so don’t feel bad! I’m definitely going to try that hot chocolate! Sounds heavenly! 🙂

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  4. mmmmmmm I want that bounty in a cup !!!


  5. mmmmmmm I want that bounty in a mug !!!


  6. Ooooo I can’t understand why the flavoured coffee sachet drinks that I so love don’t have a coconut hot choc one! I feel a blog post coming up!

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