Marks & Spencer is fabulous for many reasons and here are a few

SAM_0119So, I swear I’m not a stockholder, I don’t have any shares, nor do I win anything by promoting Marks & Spencer. I am just your regular Marks & Spencer junkie. Nothing more, nothing less.

The first M&S item I ever owned was a pale blue twinset-thing with tiny flowers. Kinda granny-ish. Oops. Besides the granny-stuff they also have the snuggliest pyjamas, awesome bedsheets, nice gadgets that make good presents and there’s also the food. Omg, the food.

Eventhough I am not the biggest fan of ready meals because, well, I like to cook myself and ready meals don’t carry the healthiest image, sometimes I just can’t resist to stroll through the food department. All the stuff just looks so classy and buying it makes me feel classy. And eating it makes me feel…What’s the word? I don’t have any word for it. It’s just so tasty.

Besides awesome, classy and tasty there’s also some fabulously peculiar stuff to be found. I’ll share them with you here.

SAM_0133They sell Lord Voldemort’s Cheese.

SAM_0124These packets of tea look so darn cute I just want to hug them!

SAM_0125Dutch cookies with Belgian chocolate. Don’t you just love it when neighbouring countries collaborate to create the perfect biccy?

SAM_0118Honey. Could you pass me that ehh… Asparagus juice?!

SAM_0130Posh cheese on toast in this packet. Toast not included 😦

SAM_0135A mini bag with baby potatoes. For those times you cook up a feast for your dolls.

SAM_0128These pensieve-like jelly deserts… Yum.

I wanted to buy these jars and then I decided not to and now I’m lying awake regretting my decision. I need to go back and soon…

Bon appetit y’all!


3 responses to “Marks & Spencer is fabulous for many reasons and here are a few

  1. Geweldig weer πŸ™‚ Heb meteen trek! Wanneer je hier bent moet ik je echt de brownie van de Turkse supermarkt laten proeven πŸ˜€

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  2. I love the foodhall at M&S – so much yumminess so little time!

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  3. La vache qui rit

    Those cookies remind me of my ex. Love the baby potatoe package though; tiny stuff is almost always pretty cute…

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