7 Things and Thoughts New Bloggers Might Recognise


One, two, tree. It’s me.

Okay, so, hello. First blog.

-Thinking long and hard of dashing names for your blog only to find out they are all taken. After the gazillionth dashing name that is already taken you decide to settle for a weird one.

-Reading blogs on how to start blogging and realizing all of them say how a catchy name for your blog is essential. Rub it in, why don’t you. Bitch.

-Wordpress or Blogspot? WordPress or Blogspot?

-Living in constant fear that your masterpiece will have been written already by someone else. Years ago.

-Also, every blogger seems to have a Macbook. Is that an unofficial rule for bloggers?

-Secondary school should really offer courses in HTML. And how to do taxes, but that’s another story.

-Resisting the urge to share how wonderful your new socks are. It’s not Twitter and no one cares (They are stripey!).

-Finally writing that first blog post and realizing you didn’t make that picture you wanted to go with your post. But nothing beats a picture of a funny shaped tree. Right?


2 responses to “7 Things and Thoughts New Bloggers Might Recognise

  1. I love my socks – its a daily challenge not to gush about them as I sit and patiently await my new MacBook Air to arrive by courier…

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